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Посоветуйте академическую музыку с трубой

Очень нравится данный инструмент, в джазе исполнителей и произведений хватает, а вот с академической музыкой сложнее, не знаю не исполнителей не произведений,
прошу совета по произведениям где труба солист или хотябы чтобы были большие партии с её участием.
Trumpeter Arturo Sandoval is one of those cats who can never be predictable. Hes either amazing -- actually, technically he always is -- or his records are putrid exercises in hollow proficiency with no soul. Trumpet Evolution, which is literally a journey through the great trumpeters from jazzs and orchestral musics past, is easily the finest moment of Sandovals long career and one of the greatest records jazz has produced in the preceding two decades. Sandoval has compiled a collection of tunes by composers and fellow horn players, from King Oliver to Wynton Marsalis, performed by a big band and, when needed, an orchestra, too. It isnt just playing tunes by these men -- whose tracks are sequenced in order of birthdate of the source of inspiration -- its the mastery of their techniques; and given that there are 19 subjects here, thats a hell of a lot of mastery. And that word is not overused. Indeed what appears in the ear of the listener seems to be the creation of the impossible. Whether striding out blues by Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, and Oliver, playing in the hot bebop styles of Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro, and Clifford Brown, the muted, elegant silkiness of the warm, thin-toned masters such as Chet Baker, Harry James, and Miles Davis, or classical maestros such as Maurice Andre, Rafael Méndez, or Timofei Dokshizer and the full-throated sweetness of Bunny Berigan, Cootie Williams, Clark Terry, and Roy Eldridge, or the hard edgy sounds of Maynard Ferguson, or the technically perfect pitch of Marsalis, the effect is the same, perfection, and not just technical. The emotional sonances of these tunes ring as true as if Sandoval wrote them himself. In the booklet, either the musician paid tribute to or a relative or associate offering quotes, of course, praise Sandovals work. And while the album is self-produced as well, Quincy Jones acted as an executive producer and no doubt wrote some charts. His contribution is noteworthy as well for its depth and warmth overall. This is a record so fine, so full of passion, grace, and elegance it simply needs to be heard to be believed.


    1 Dipper Mouth Blues King Oliver 2:15
  2 When Its Sleepy Time Down South Muse, Rene, Rene 3:02
    3 At the Jazz Band Ball Edwards, LaRocca, Sbarbaro ... 2:56
    4 La Virgen de la Macarena Calero, Monteverde 3:06
  5 I Cant Get Started Duke, Gershwin 4:35
    6 Concerto for Cootie Ellington 3:51
    7 Little Jazz Eldridge, Harding 2:40
    8 The Man With a Horn DeLange, Jenney, Lake 3:30
    9 Manteca Fuller, Gillespie, OFarrill ... 3:23
    10 Tee Pee Time Terry 4:07
    11 Coloratura Concerto for Soprano: First Movement Gliere 3:41
    12 Nostalgia Navarro 3:31
  13 Round Midnight Hanighen, Monk, Williams 5:42
    14 Maynard Ferguson Rogers 4:16
  15 My Funny Valentine Hart, Rodgers 4:25
    16 Joy Spring Brown 4:17
    17 Concerto in D Major: First Movement Tartini 3:57  
в вопросе речь идет об академической музыке (классике по простому), а не о джазе, при всем моем уважении к Сандовалу
3 - я давно слушал, мне тогда показалось, что нечто близкое к классике там было представлено. Видимо, к классике джаза ;-)  
начать надо с барочных трумпетных концертов, например: Vivaldi Concerti "Baroque Trumpet Music", концерты для трубы были не только у Вивальди, но и у  Tomaso Albinoni, Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Cimarosa, George Frederick Handel, Petronio Franceschini у Корелли, Пурселя, Скарлатти,..
кстати, на бюджетном Naxos есть серия Art of the Baroque Trumpet
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