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Marrs Communications became swindlers, Be very careful if you want to have deals with them!

Hello cassette lovers,

My name is Anatoliy. I live in Moscow. And I'm cassette decks (especially Nakamichi) and other tape recorders enthusiast. I’m a member of this Russian Hi-Fi forum.  I want to tell you about my long experience with Marrs Communications. I had deals with them since 2008. All was great before Fred's house washed away during the flooding in Texas in May 2016. After that problems begined.  One time I even opened PayPal dispute and returned my money. But even after that I have continued to deal with them. My last order fr om Marrs communications I've made and paid for was on April, 27 2018 for about $1000. And till now they didn’t complete it. They have sent the first part (of value about $100) in the late of May 2018. During June I’ve written several email to them but had no reply. Then I wrote I will open PayPal dispute again if they won’t to meet engagement. I got the answer very quickly: “Don’t worry dear friend! I PROMISE... and so on...”
No problem. I’m not in a hurry and I have time to wait. PayPal returns money during 180 days of the payment has been made. September came. I wrote to Fred (by that moment Krista totally had ignored me): “Where are my belts? The deadline of returning my money is coming.” After that they sent me the second part for amount about $150. Then I’ve called Fred by phone and left a message on the answering machine. Fred called me back in about 30 minutes, told me about how he wants me to be a distributor of his belts here in Russia. I told him that I don’t want to resell them by myself but I know a person who can do this. And we will think about his proposal. Also he told me not to worry about my order and in a short time Krista will send all that they should. He told how he appreciate to have a business with me and how good we will work together. So he is ready to give me big discount and ready to send an invoice to me to pay for more belts, and he told me another bullshit...
Time have passed and I skipped the deadline of PayPal. After that they started totally ignore me. I’ve sent them many emails but got no replies. He replied me again in December. Here is his letter:
Not to Worry !  We are aware we owe you inventory and you WILL
receive it. We have been doing business too long for us to take advantage of you ! That is a PROMISE !
Fred ( Been in the Hospital kidney failure )  I am Ok.
cc: Krista please follow up !!  “

Two months later in late February I asked him: “Hello Fred, is it time to get worried?”
He answered another bullshit like he is sick, Krista will send the postage soon and so on...
That time I had a trip to the continental USA and Alaska. I wrote him about it, told that I am in the USA now, will stay here for a long period and threatened him to take an action and go to a court. I think he didn’t believe me and wrote me several emails asking to give my American phone number.
Please forward a US Phone number so we can call you.
As mentioned I have been sick and in the hospital.
We will issue a Refund OR ship the product.
Krista or I will call you when we receive the phone number here in the usa !
What did he want to talk about? I had no idea. I wrote that I have not a cellular phone number and gave him the hotel’s phone number and my room number in Seattle where I stayed that time, gave him my Skype and attached my fresh photo in New York City. Nobody called. Here is one of my emails:
This situation lasts for almost a year! I want you to refund or send the rest belts in the next five days. Or I will go to a court. So only let me know about your decision.
In a few days Krista had sent me the tracking number of the postage to Moscow. When I returned home and got the parcel I’ve find out that they didn’t send me all they owed. They stay owed me about $200.
After that I wrote them, Krista answered me several times, lied... Below are two letters from her. The first one had been written on April, 4:
Hello my friend.  I hope you and your family are doing well.  I just
wanted to give you a quick update on the belts for the remainder of your
order.  I spoke to the factory last Thursday, March 28.  My most recent
order of belts has been shipped and is on it's way to me.  I should be
receiving them within the next few days.  As soon as they come in I will
inspect them to ensure that they meet our specifications.  Once they've
been approved and added in to my stock I will pull the belts for the
remainder of your order and prepare them for shipping.  I intend on
having your belts shipped out to you no later than April 15, but am
going to try very hard to ship them even sooner than that.  It will just
depend on what day I receive them followed by the completion of the
inspection process.

Anatoliy, again I sincerely apologize to you for such a long delay. I
WILL be refunding you the shipping charges you paid when the order was
placed along with a percentage of your order total in return for your
patience and understanding.  We are happy to have you as our customer
and friend and we feel that we owe you something in return for any
inconvenience the delays in shipping may have caused you. Once I have
received the belts and have the remainder of your order together I will
follow up with you to give you your tracking number and the final
details of your partial refund.  If you have any questions or need any
further information please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to
speaking with you soon.  Take care.
Thank you,

And the second one on May, 6. After my question: “Do you ignore me again?”.
“Hello Anatoliy,
No sir, I am defintely not ignoring you. I apologize for my delayed response. But I am not in the office on Saturdays so I did not get your email ‪until this morning‬. I have shipped your belts.
I had to bring Fred to his dialysis treatment today so I am out of the office right now. But when I get back this afternoon I will send you the tracking number for your shipment. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you,
It is interesting that Fred lives in Kentucky, Krista lives in Texas and she had to bring Fred to dialysis treatment... After that I wrote several emails to Krista and then to Fred. No reply, no tracking number... I wrote my last letter them on May, 14 and gave them 24 hours to send me the tracking number or to refund. Or I will start a campaign against their thievish business. No reply. That was their decision...

Thanks for your patience reading this very long story!

Don’t have any deals with these people. If you are waiting for a shipment from them don’t wait, demand a refund immediately. Krista and Fred are liars and freaking crooks! Don’t believe any their word.

They made their new site only to find new customers and to steal as much money as they can! I think so.

I very tired of all of this shit and just wanted to warn you not to get in the situation like me. I don’t believe they will return the rest of my money or ship something. I don’t need that money now. They can leave it if they need it so much. It is not my personal revenge. They have made their decision. They believed I will do nothing like many people who had bad experience with them.
I’m sure they don’t have belts on stock, or they have less than they need for the normal operation. So they need to collect customer’s money to partially complete orders. Or they try to steal that money if they can.
There are many stories about Marrs Communications on the Web. But usually people will seek for such stories only after they already being in situation like me. Not before.

Excuse me for so long story. :) I only wanted you to completely understand the situation and not to make my mistakes.


Я эту ветку создал специально для англоязычного сегмента сети. Огромная просьба к пользователям не писать ничего здесь по русски! Ссылки сюда я дам на других англоязычных ресурсах. Иначе донести информацию оказалось практически невозможно. На крупных заграничных форумах мои сообщения потёрли. И как выяснилось Marrs Communications периодически вывешивают там баннеры, соответственно их администрация может быть не заинтересована в распространении этой информации.
Всем спасибо! :)
Изменено: Анатолий Петров - 19-05-2019 06:33:43
Анатолий, извини за замечание, не надо писать простыни. Ну, не читает сейчас народ такие длинные тексты, если заранее не уверен, что это очень надо.
Если очень хочется писать подробно, напиши первым постом "Summary", краткое содержание. Если захотят читать дальше - прочтут, если не интересно - все равно мысль основную поймут.
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