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Чистокровная японская  рабочая дека с износостойкими аморфными головками Amorphous Alloy Head и прямым приводом. Аdтоматический выбор ленты и две системы шумопонижения. Без вмешательств. Состояние на фото. Продаю как есть. 100В.


TRIO KX-880SR ................¥69,800(1983 год)


Track/truck type


Sound recording type

Interchange bias (105kHz)


Sound recording playback (amorphous alloy head) × 1 
Elimination (double gap ferrite head) × 1


Capstan motor (FG servo DD motor) × 1 
Reel motor (DC motor) × 1 
Motor for mechanic drive (DC motor) × 1

Wow flutter

0.054% W Peak (EIAJ) 
0.027% (WRMS)

It is quick volume time

Approximately 80 seconds (C - 54)

Frequency characteristic

Normal tape 20 - 18, 000Hz ± 3 dB 
Chrome tape 20 - 19, 000Hz ± 3 dB 
Metal tape 20 - 22, 000Hz ± 3 dB

Distortion factor

0.8% (1kHz, 3 next distortion factor ratio. Metal tape)

Signal-noise ratio

EIAJ metal tape 57 dB 
Dolby Ctype ON 74 dB 
Dolby Ctype ON 62 dB 
Dolby NR OFF 59 dB

Input terminal

Microphone 0. 3mV (conformity impedance 600 Ω) 
Line 77 5mV (conformity impedance 50k Ω)

Output terminal

Line 0. 77V (output impedance 2k Ω) 
Head horn 0. 85mW (output load impedance 8 Ω)

Power source

100V AC 50Hz/60Hz

Electric power consumption

AC25W (the indication which is based on electric supplies control law)

Maximum external size

Width 440 × height 98 × depths 300 mm (EIAJ) 
Width 440 × height 111 × depth 
322 mm (projection ones it includes)


5. 9kg

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