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Лед Зеппелин

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10.09.2021 в 19:05, Дадд сказал:

Золотой отражающий слой? 

Улучшенные характеристики (прозрачность) светопроводящего материала. 

What is SHM-CD (Super High Material CD)? 
Uses a polycarbonate resin for liquid crystal panels, which is different from ordinary CDs. It is a high-quality CD that is as close as possible to master quality due to the dramatic improvement in the transparency of the material.

Features of SHM-CD / How to enjoy

● You can enjoy a clear sound with good separation while keeping the transparency of the material. You may also notice the presence of sounds you've missed before by improving your visibility as if you've wiped the cloud from the glass.

● You can enjoy a large-scale sound that brings out the volume of low frequencies, which is said to be the most difficult in audio. It may seem that the overall sound pressure has increased, but we have not adjusted the level on the master at all.

● You can enjoy a well-grained, three-dimensional sound in which the sound with a tight focus is accurately localized in a deep sound field that is faithful to the master. If you listen through the speakers, you will be able to feel the presence and reality of the live venue or studio as it is.

● You can enjoy a mellow, analog-like sound with little crispness or squeaky feeling. You won't get tired of listening to loud listening, so please raise the volume to the extent that it does not bother your neighbors.

Безусловно,  исходная матрица (мастер)... и качество исходной записи это отдельная история.

East or West - Mvert.ru is Best             Mvert logo_m1 инет.png

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6 минут назад, zipipikusik сказал:

Гретта Ван Фит только подражают Лед Зеппелин.

Какой там Лед Зеппелин? Эта Грета до Самоцветов не дотягивает. 

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Склонен к побегу

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59 минут назад, Вадим Б сказал:

в 70-м году чикаго играло так, что лз и не снилось


А им не снился LZ... Совершенно разные по музыке группы и обе классные, но, кого то не заставишь слушать LZ, кого то Чикаго, а кто то балдеет и от тех и от других.

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