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  1. http://www.highend-broker.com/highend2/product1.php?product=2870
  2. Акустика отличная Слушал неоднократно
  3. Интересный шанс https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9f2i3-tad-cr-1-full-range
  4. Знаком только по выставочным/салонным инсталляциям Как транспорт имхо замечательный Как цап немного рафинированный
  5. Я как-то не очень доверял Wireworld правда хорош? Спасибо за наводку - надо ознакомиться
  6. Какова разница в звуке - самому интересно Разница в цене космическая dac 5 минимальный у АН - 60 т д "такой же" китовый - 6 т д
  7. История Audio Note (of which there are of this writing at least three) has somewhat of a complicated past. Serious archeologists of the line would best be served by trawling through a discussion board to sift truth from untruth, but the short form, I believe, goes something like this (with apologies to all and sundry.) In the beginning, when guitar dinosaurs still roamed the earth, Hiroyasu Kondo founded Audio Note Japan. A little while later Kondo-san unleashed on the world what was at the time the most expensive consumer amplifier ever sold, the mighty Ongaku, an amplifier that our own Steven R. Rochlin, I understand, spent many happy hours with before pragmatism took the better part of his tubular valor. (Editor Steven sez: Yes indeed, color me the only reviewer who has owned an Audio Note Ongaku for many years and basked in it's glorious tubular bliss. Today my attentions turn to the Ferrari for both street driving and at various race tracks. My next expensive hobby will be...) Soon thereafter, in association with Audio Note Japan, Peter Qvortrup set up Audio Note UK in Brighton to market Audio Note Japan's well regarded line. Audio Note UK, however, did not only sell Audio Note Japan's products, but designed and sold other products under the same name, including a series of highly regarded Kit amplifiers, imaginatively titled Kit 1, Kit 2, and so on. Somewhere along the way, and with some acrimony I understand, Mr. Q and K-san parted ways and the two Audio Notes became very separate concerns. A while after that, Audio Note UK decided to get out of the kit business altogether after the gentleman in charge of after sales and support – quite a considerable undertaking when you are selling boxes of parts capable of producing lethal voltages to amateur welders – retired. Brian Smith, who had already built an Audio Note kit learned of Audio Note UK's departure from the Kit business and decided to buy one of the last kits before Audio Note's kit business went the way of Heathkit's and Dynaco's: history. Soon Brian finding himself in Brighton – Brian, like me, took an English wife – asked for an audience with Mr. Q. and proposed that he take over the kit business and manage it from the second coldest capital city (only Ulan-Bator, Mongolia is colder), Ottawa.Wilde once quipped that 'There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it' and Brian got it. Brian did not quite, however, acquire the turnkey business that he might have expected. Indeed, aside from the name and the basic design of the existing Kits, Brian had, practically, to reinvent Audio Note Kits from scratch. Certain components were no longer available. Those that were had changed size. Manuals had to be rewritten, new chassis designs commissioned, and circuits modified (with the help of the ubiquitous Andy Grove). Brian, however, persevered and in short order launched a raft of redesigned and entirely new products under the Audio Note Kits name. From speaking at length with Brian, I am still not sure what Brian thought he was getting into, but I am quite sure that what he undertook was not quite what he imagined. Sourcing components from boutique manufacturers around the world, and holding kit owner's hands when their new baby refuses to sing is a lot of work. But as I understand it, the kits have never been better, the manuals have never been so detailed or the after-sales support more thorough. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0805/audionotekit1.htm
  8. Так и есть, чудес-то не бывает Достаточно внутренности тех же цапов сравнить - китовых и "настоящих" Вопрос в том, какой разрыв и вообще на каком уровне играют киты?
  9. Level 4 http://www.ankaudiokits.com/e-shop3/ank-audio-kits-product-range/phono-stages/l3-phono-stage-v2-clone.html
  10. У них и сборку можно заказать сразу же http://www.ankaudiokits.com/e-shop3/ank-audio-kits-product-range.html
  11. https://www.ch-precision.com/en/products/source/c1 Ethernet audio input board Enables bit-exact, low jitter playback of high resolution files over an ethernet network. Works in conjunction with our CH App, or with other iOS/Android UPnP controllers. Local file servers are supported, while an access to internet enables the use of music services and internet radios. CH работал через эту плату АН включался через Moon 180 / AES/EBU Кабели разные
  12. Спасибо! Треки, какие я выше привел, можешь записать у себя и выложить?
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