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2 х 4 Вт


Machined Aluminum Chassis 100% bolted assembly

Dual autoformer stepped volume controls, with step balance feature

11 total DC ultra fast low noise regulated power supplies

Unique multi chamber internal design (electrical noise isolation)

Highest magnetic isolation between transformers  (fully nulled)

Unique DC  thermal management system

Air flow convection design high thermal stability

All aircraft precision CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum,

Multi-layer automotive painted and polished finish

Heat transfer thermal mass stability

Anti-resonance and self-damping chassis

100% “Faraday” shielding for critical electronics

Simpson custom meters and auto-ranging circuit designs

Ultra high bandwidth input and drive circuit (greater than 1 MHz)

True pure class A operation and True zero feedback SE design

Supplied with hand & computer matched ultra select NOS (New Old Stock) vacuum tubes

Typical Measured Specifications

All measurements taken after 1/2 hour warm up time

Power Output

Power output, both channels driven

4.2 Watts RMS (2nd harmonic down 75 dB)

Peak power output

11.5 Watts per channel

Frequency Response

1 Watt RMS -3 dB @ 6 Hz – 145 kHz

Phase shift zero (Not measurable), audio pass band

Wideband hum and noise

Input shorted, output into 8 Ohm load

<25 µV RMS (Less than 25 micro-volts)

S/N Ratio @1kHz, just below clipping

125 dB

Input sensitivity for full power

1.3 V RMS


14.5 dB

Gain match left and right channels

Better than .3 dB

Input Impedance

at 20 Hz: 30 K Ohms

Output Impedance

4 Ohm, 8 Ohm (16 Ohm option by special order)

Typical line wattage at 117 vac/60 Hz. 107 watts

69 Lbs weight

Five Year warranty, 90 days tubes

For detailed information about our custom options* please

contact us directly

*  OPTION: Nano crystalline metal core low hysteresis

special output transformers available. (Nano X Crystalline Core option add $ 3500.00)


Priced at $13,000* ** plus shipping

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Знакомая акустика, такая ранье стояла у Молочника. 

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