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Technics SL-1000R

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тема об этой реинкарнации культовой вертушки и странной ситуации с ее поставками - начатая здесь



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Интересно, у нас в РФ есть хоть один?

Фремер о Technics SL-1000R



When I went back to my reference turntable featuring an arm that costs more than the entire SL-1000R assemblage the results were a mixed bag. The Technics SL-1000R produced that "tape like" sensation the big rig didn't quite have, which of course was disappointing! But the bottom end was significantly better. Some of that was due to the resonance issue but I don't expect the SL-1000R's arm to perform as well as the Swedish Analog Technology arm. I think the supplied arm is very, very good overall and given the SL-1000R's cost of approximately $20,000, it's almost (dare I say) a "freebie" considering the performance of the 'table itself.

I also felt that the Continuum/SAT combo had "blacker blacks" and a perceived lower noise floor for reasons understandable to anyone who knows the design of the Continuum chassis (cast magnesium based upon vibrational analysis) and especially its unique "floating" three dimensional arm board. But we're talking about almost $200,000 versus $20,000 and in the key factor of speed consistency, the Technics was the clear winner and it was audible though of course the big limitation is record eccentricity or lack thereof.

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